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School Computer Insurance  With an increase in computers being implemented in the classroom – accidents do happen! Due to this rise, it is important to insure school computers. Pupils will be working at computers throughout the whole day, meaning it is a key instrument through their education. Therefore, insuring the computers will give you (the […]

School Device Insurance Calculator Launch We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new school device insurance calculator. It is a fun, easy and interactive calculator. In 4 easy steps you will gain a quick indicative quote.

benefits of technology in education

Benefits of technology in education The traditional textbook and whiteboard are now a thing of the past. Technology in education is by far the new way of learning in a classroom. Every type of digital device provides children with all the correct learning resources.

Digital Technologies in the Classroom – Accidents Do Happen! Today’s learning environment in schools and colleges has evolved. Over the last 9 years there has been implementation and use of digital technologies in the classroom.

digital technology in education

Digital Technology in Education – 1:1 schemes What is a 1:1 scheme? Giving every child the opportunity to access a hand-held digital device has coined the phrase to which the industry refers to as a One-to- One (1:1) scheme.

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Contribution Care Running a successful digital 1-1 scheme in a school or academy is dependent on many elements and non more so than partnering with a secure and transparent scheme management & administration provider. Here at edde we pride ourselves on being exactly that.

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Education Leasing – 5 Leasing Myth Busters 1. Schools are not allowed to lease You may have heard that leasing is forbidden for schools when it comes to funding assets, but this is not true. Gordon Brown stated in 2004 that Schools cannot borrow. Borrowing is like a loan or a finance lease that only […]

Bett Show 2019 The Bett Show is fast approaching! Are you an educational establishment, School or Academy looking to explore what’s new with technology in Education? Furthmore considering a 1-1 scheme, well this is the place to be. Bett is known to be the World’s biggest Education technology event. It is a great way to […]

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School Chromebook In the last few years, there has been a sea change in the way education is being imparted to students in classrooms. The traditional method of lecturing by a teacher using text books has become obsolete and ineffective. Technology has penetrated in a big way into classrooms. From smartphones to electronic whiteboards, teachers […]

What is misappropriation cover? Misappropriation cover is an insurance policy that is used to settle an outstanding lease commitment for a mobile learning device should a parent or student leave with the device and cease paying a monthly contribution. Surely, if a student leaves the school and does not return the device, that is theft? […]