Google Chromebook’s are a popular choice amongst digital 1-1 schemes due to the device being simple, secure and shareable. Chromebook devices give students access to all the key learning resources, apps and security protection all within an affordable price bracket.

choosing the correct chromebook for your school

All in all, Chromebooks are fantastic devices for schools. Seeing many schools enrol on the digital 1-1 scheme the most difficult part of the process is choosing what device.

A Guide to Chromebooks

When choosing a Chromebook for your schools digital 1-1 scheme, it is important to consider the auto update policy. All Chromebook devices receive regular updates to ensure efficiency and security of the device internally. However, there is an end date to these updates which is known as auto update expiration.

Each Chromebook has an auto update expiration which now lasts up to 10 years. The countdown begins when the first device on the platform is released. Therefore, based on this when choosing your schools Chromebook devices choose the device with the latest hardware platform. This will ensure all students are receiving the longest auto update support.


Starting from 2024 ChromeOS devices will be eligible to receive automatic security updates for 10 years after their release.

Chrome OS devices released prior to 2021 that will receive extended updates, some features and services might not be supported

Overall, Chromebook’s are highly recommended devices within the education sector, but ensure you are enabling your school and students to get the complete longevity of it. see Extended updates support.

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