edde Corporate Responsibility

edde takes corporate responsibility seriously. Our policies do not just deal with the legal obligations we have as a company, but the wider moral obligations we have to our staff, education customers, their parents and guardians, partners we work with and the environment we operate in.

Environmental Issues and Carbon Footprint

  • edde are an advocate of the benefits of LED lighting technology and implement policies and ideas to reduce the energy we use a as a business
  • edde understand CO2 emissions of vehicles and we reduce our carbon footprint via the use of fuel efficient vehicles
  • edde, to the best of our ability, are a paperless office, scanning documentation as opposed to photocopying and storing files
  • edde recycles waste where possible

Regional Offices

  • We ensure that our offices are clean, safe and comply with health and safety, fire regulations and general heating and ventilation guidelines
  • Our offices comply with UK legislation required for disabled employees

Health and Safety of Our Employees

  • All our offices have more than the legally required number of trained fire wardens and First Aid Officers
  • All our employees are given the opportunity to undertake a first aid course in company time and paid for by edde
  • All employees are offered free eye tests every two years and subsidies offered for glasses if required

Handling of Confidential Data

edde stores many forms of data, from the prospects we work with, to schools including contacts and email address’s, to details on parents, guardians and their associated children.

  • Our website is secure using the https:// certificate
  • Our data is secured on a server which is backed up on a regular basis to another server, all operating in offsite in secure datacentres
  • edde uses best endeavours to ensure that all the data saved on our servers is securer, using the latest technology that would reasonably be expected of us
  • edde understands the additional data protection regulations regarding the collection and storing of data on minors (school children.) edde takes the protection of children and the data we hold on them very seriously and this is illustrated in how and what data we hold
  • We do not hold credit or debit card information, this is processed separately via our third-party company, WorldPay

Use of Third Party Companies

edde employ the services of a range of third party companies to facilitate the services and products we offer. The following areas we feel are important for our business. edde uses best endeavours to ensure the companies we use are reputable and undertake a number of checks to ensure they are appropriate for the business we do:

  • Data storage and IT support
  • Website development
  • Insurance partner
  • Leasing partners
  • Providers to process financial transactions – debit and credit card payments, collection of direct debits

Treating Customer Fairly (TCF)

TCF is an essential element to what we do. This section is about how edde reasonably meets our customers’ expectations:

edde, and our employees do:

  • Follow a set of internal guidelines with specific regards to ensuring the products and services we offer, their term and price meets your needs
  • We will outline any risks to you that we are reasonably expected to be aware of
  • We will be honest, fair and trustworthy in out dealings with you

For some of our state funded education prospects and customers, we respect you may not understand more complex financial products, terms and conditions etc.

Our employee’s can guide you, using layman’s terms, pointing out conditions like the need for insurance, documentation fees, yearly admin fees and options at the end of a lease agreement.

Our employee’s will clearly tell you the financial aspects of any agreement we have:

With regards to leasing:

  • The advance rental, if applicable
  • The terms in years of the agreement, rental amount and rental frequency
  • The agreement documentation fee and any other fees included
  • Confirmation of who the finance company is

With regards to scheme management:

  • The cost of running the scheme
  • How much we will invoice you for, when and where the total figure comes from
  • The term of the scheme
  • The risks associated with contribution arrears

With regards to insurance, if applicable:

  • Who the underlying insurance company is
  • The cost of the insurance and term of the policy
  • The key features of the policy