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Choosing The Best Supplier of Digital Devices For The Classroom

The schools guide to choosing the best supplier of digital devices

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Successfully Implementing Mobile Learning Devices in the Classroom

The Schools Guide to Successfully Implementing Mobile Learning Devices in the Classroom

The Essential Guide to

Choosing the best supplier of digital devices


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The most important step in your Digital Learning in Education journey is making sure you have all of the information available to you to make the right decision for the school and it’s students. 

This page brings together digital learning resources and research and resources from a number of sources to allow you to see what the environment looks like, positive experiences and how these were achieved.  Reading some of this may give you clarity around the strategy you want to take moving forward for devices in your school.

Department of education, official leasing guidance for schools

Leasing Guidance for Schools 2018


Techknowledge formally known as Tablets for Schools are working with hundreds of schools across the UK to get insights in to the uptake of digital devices for schools and where there has been positive outcomes. There a number of reports focusing on different areas from Device Uptake to Internet Safety.

Technology in Education – A System View:

This is a key report that was put together by the independent think tank The Education Foundation. It goes through the uses of technology in the UK education sector giving overviews of a number of projects with focus on best practise. This will give any school a good background on what is happening in the UK and what can lead to a successful IT solution in their school.

NSPCC – Net Aware:

The Net Aware site built with the NSPCC is a great guide for Schools, teachers and parents to see what children may be up to online. It is built on reviews of applications and social networks by parent but even more importantly the children. This should give you a great overview of what all of these offer and the potential risks also. Hopefully this will help you build your acceptable use policy and work with the parents to safeguard your children! For more information on this, visit their website at

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