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 Easy to use online portal for parents/guardians and education staff to register and manage contributions for E Learning for schools digital devices.

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Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance for your Tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops & Digital Devices. Peace of mind protection for digital learning

Scheme Administration

Online portal for education staff to track and manage orders, serial numbers, custodians, payments, insurance/warranty claims and disposal

Education Leasing

Leasing for state funded and private education establishments, including Charities, Schools, Colleges, Academies and Higher Education

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Use our calculator to work out what it will cost contributions are needed to make your digital classroom roll out a reality

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What is the best platform to run on, Google, Android or Os2?

What is the best device for your school?

Welcome to edde education

edde only operate in the education sector, our main focus on supporting digital learning for schools.

With hundreds of schools already on board using our parent portal system, and many years of experience working with schools, we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the education sector in the UK.

If you would like to read more about edde, our history, team and the journey we are looking to go on, please click here to read our blog – Who are edde?

  • We are here to support digital learning in the UK education sector.

  • With nearly 25,000 schools and the best part of 8.2m children in education at any one time, the market for digital mobile learning devices is big and continuing to grow.

  • The days of having a computer room in a school with one IT lesson per week has long gone. Today, technology, software and the internet run our lives.

  • At edde, we believe a better educated society will only bring about positive benefits to all of us.

  • We are passionate about our children’s future. Technology in the classroom has a big part to play in our children’s education journey.

  • Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and other mobile learning devices are the future of learning in the classroom.

Digital Devices in the Classroom

Thousands of schools have already implemented digital devices in the classroom in the UK. The number of children now using an Apple iPad, Google Chromebook, laptop or computer in the classroom on a daily basis is in the millions. We are hearing wonderful stories from digital leaders, teachers, ICT Managers and Heads who are bestowing the virtues of digital learning. However, there are still hundreds of schools who have implemented digital learning schemes at the start of their journey, learning by mistakes. Some schools have implemented devices only to stop using them later on. They have not seen the benefit and have even made comments about them being a distraction. Hopefully, if your education establishment falls into this bracket, we can help you as well.

Edde are not a supplier of digital devices. We do not sell the education applications, wi-fi installations, offer support or maintenance. However, this is only one part of the service you need to make your digital journey a success. The devices need to be funded, by parental contributions or leasing, they need to be insured and asset tracked. This is where edde can help your school to make your digital journey a success.