Who are edde?

edde Limited work in the education sector in the UK.

The company commenced trading in September 2015. However, prior to that the company traded as the education division of WestWon from January 2013. The company is based out of two offices in the UK. The finance team are based out of Leicester, the sales and customer services team based out of High Wycombe.

What does edde do?

edde provides four main services to help schools implement digital learning in the classroom:

  • Facilitating parental contribution collections
  • Tablet and laptop insurance for schools
  • Scheme administration – Managing payments and arrears, asset tracking of devices
  • Funding – Facilitating device purchases and leasing for schools

What is edde’s Mission?

“To enhance the capabilities of learning in the classroom with handheld technology and supporting education on their digital learning.”

What is edde’s vision for the future?

Our vision is to be recognised as the most respected and well-known company in the UK supporting digital learning in the classroom. We are committed to being a professional and successful company who seek continuous growth. Our education clients, their pupils and parents are at the heart of everything we do.

What is the background to edde?

edde was originally WestWon Education, a division of WestWon Limited. WestWon are a leasing company that has a history in leasing going back to 1989. WestWon created a specialist education division in January 2013, as the company started to witness a big increase in sales of iPads into schools to help children learn through digital devices. The division was headed up by Lucy Thomson, who has been working with our company since the year 2000.

As the market for iPads into schools developed, we were very much aware that this division was much more than leasing and insurance, hence it was appropriate to ringfence this business into a separate company where the key management team could also be offered an equity stake.

edde was incorporated and took over the education staff along with the customer base of WestWon’s education division.

What is the size of edde?

Edde now has over 300 education establishments as customers in the UK. The company has provided insurance for over 9,000 devices and has set up over 500 unique shops to help fund and manage digital devices.

How can edde help your school, college, academy?

  • Free Guides
  • Free advice and guidance
  • Recommendation of devices and suppliers into the education sector

If you are interested in any of our free guides (which will shortly be going live on our site) and are looking for some advice and guidance: Please contact Lucy Thomson on 01494 611 465 or email at lucy.thomson@edde.education. We would welcome a conversation about your plans regarding digital learning in the classroom.