iPad insurance for schools

A simple search on Google will illustrate that there are a number of companies offering policies for iPad insurance for schools . One interesting website we reviewed was www.money.co.uk. If you take a look at http://www.money.co.uk/gadget-insurance/ipad-insurance.htm, their page on iPad insurance, you will notice there are nearly ten companies that will insure iPads.

Digging a bit deeper into the individual policies, then adding in theft or loss for example, and the cost starts to rise. Our research suggests that the average monthly cost per iPad is between £4.00 and £7.00 per month. Over a three year term, that works out at between £144.00 and £252.00 per device.

This may work out well for the consumer, but perhaps not for a school potentially insuring a thousand devices.

Specialist insurance company for iPads in schools

In the UK, there are a few specialist companies that provide ipad insurance for schools. Two of the key companies are Compucover and Burnett’s. Both of these insurance companies have a long track record in working with schools and are familiar with the issues that may arise.

edde are authorised by Burnett’s

edde Limited are authorised by Burnett’s to offer insurance to schools for iPads and other tablet devices. School insurance premiums are often cheaper as we arrange hundreds of policies on behalf of the education sector. To give an illustration, iPad Mini insurance over three years starts at £1.25 per month.

Minimum, maximum and average number of tablets insured in an academy

We have set up an insurance portal for an academy and ended up only insuring the minimum one unit, all the other parents decided not to take the insurance option. For other academy’s, we have insured the maximum100% of the iPads deployed for in excess of 100 parents.

If it’s an option that parents take the insurance offering, not all will say yes. On average, we will see 50% plus take up the insurance offering. Some academy’s will make it mandatory, especially if the devices are leased or owned by them directly.

For further information or to request policy information, please call our Education Team on 01494 611 465 or email hello@edde.education.