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How e-Learning schemes provide a digital device for each student

How e-Learning schemes provide a digital device for each student Classrooms increasingly need technology to bring the power of the internet into teaching. These are known as 1:1 Learning programs or e-Learning schemes. Parents and teachers are keen to bring even the youngest students into the digital age. There are more opportunities than ever to […]

But what about the parents?

Working daily with institutions that are looking at ways to increase the number of students with devices in their hands, the focus is on those students and the teachers. Rightly, they are the key focus for using technology to aid teaching and learning but there is another very important group here…Parents! Parents, the people we […]

How are we getting on bridging this digital divide?

So we have seen many attempts at trying to bridge the digital divide, the haves and the have nots with technology. People such as the E-Learning Foundation have done a lot to raise awareness here and with campaigns like “Mind the Gap”, there has been progress. Are we really getting to the nub of the […]

Letting Off STEAM

I was interested this week to read up on the new free schools to be opened by Ian Livingstone in London and Birmingham.  The focus in these schools is very much going to be on STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) with a blended learning approach.  Not being the most engaged child at school […]

BETT 2016 on reflection

So BETT has come and gone for another year and what have I learnt?  Well not being stuck in a meeting room for 3 straight days, only let out for food and water periodically when I was starting to show signs of exhaustion, was much more pleasurable!  Getting to see what vendors, resellers and the […]

another year and another BETT

So 2016, just back to work after Christmas and what is the first email you get?  “Have you printed your badge for BETT this year yet?”  Obviously not, but thank you for the reminder all the same.  Well I have now and I will be at BETT for the week, which I look forward to […]

What will it cost?

edde is working on a simple calculator to give you a budgetary cost of a scheme in regards of the contribution needed for the devices you want to use in your establishment

Finding a Supplier

Making sure you have the right technical advice, training and support will be essential in success of your E Learning scheme and here at edde we are committed in helping find you this partner. What support are you going to need in implementing your scheme? The below list gives a number of pointers on key […]