So 2016, just back to work after Christmas and what is the first email you get?  “Have you printed your badge for BETT this year yet?”  Obviously not, but thank you for the reminder all the same.  Well I have now and I will be at BETT for the week, which I look forward to with a sense of trepidation….how badly are my feet going to hurt by the end?

Seriously though I am really looking forward to this week, it is a chance to meet with many friends and colleagues to discuss the education market place.  It is ever changing and as much as I have tried to keep up, my focussing on edde has meant I will have missed things. We have tried to make sure that edde was totally ready for this week and I think we have done as good a job as possible.

What do we all think will be the big announcement this year, who is releasing the next big thing in ICT for Education?  Google had the post ministerial slot last year and Microsoft have it this year, are we surprised….I am not.  Technology wise what will be the big development? For devices I think there will be a number of redesigns of tablets, 2 in 1’s and clamshells, but not sure it will be a massive change from the current selection.

Software will be a big one for me, how are we making the integration of ICT technology in to schools and the curriculum more seamless? How are we adding value to the technology we already have? How can we evidence the impact of the technology we are using?

Obviously I am keen to meet with as many of you as possible and hopefully we will all gain from such a massive show.  It is always easy to get lost in the myriad of technology though so always look to plan ahead….what do you want to get from it….focus on that and it will be a good one!

See you at BETT!