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How e-Learning schemes provide a digital device for each student

Classrooms increasingly need technology to bring the power of the internet into teaching. These are known as 1:1 Learning programs or e-Learning schemes.

Parents and teachers are keen to bring even the youngest students into the digital age. There are more opportunities than ever to use the web and apps to aid the teaching of Numeracy, Literacy and all the other subjects. But how does an entire class of 30 students move forward together? Clearly it’s no good if half the class have digital devices and the other half doesn’t!

The answer lies in e-Learning schemes. These are designed to put an individual tablet, laptop, iPad or other device into the hands of each child. Hence 1:1.

IT Funding for schools

These days, the government has less cash to give to schools, even for important programs such as digital learning. That means the burden falls back onto parents.

But here’s the good news. Most parents want their child to have their own digital device for home use. If a single device can be used for both home and school, that’s solving two problems for the price of one! And if the child can keep the device when they leave the school, even better. e-Learning schemes can do all this.

How a 1:1 Learning program works

The process is remarkably simple.

First, the school or college will agree a product/price proposal from an approved hardware provider.

Then edde will set up a unique shop on its portal listing the agreed device bundle (device, case, insurance & warranty). Parents review the options and select the monthly contribution amount they wish to pay. Or they can buy outright.

That’s it!

The devices are supplied to the school and all the administration and collection of regular electronic payments is taken care of via the edde portal. The school or college has limited admin overhead.

Device Insurance

All laptops, iPads, phones or tablets supplied under the agreement have the added bonus of being automatically insured. If a device has to be replaced under insurance, the asset register will be updated with the new details by edde so that the school has a real-time record of all the assets (a requirement of all leasing agreements).

It’s a win for parents, a win for schools and most importantly, a win for students. Shouldn’t that be 1:1:1 then?

Digital Learning for education is a reality

Hundreds of schools and colleges are already providing instant access to the internet for all their students, in a controlled and uniform manner, using edde’s 1:1 Learning programs. Not only do the new digital text-books help the students learn more, they also get to keep them for ever. Join them, it’s never too late to learn how.

edde: the digital device solution for home and school.