Here at edde, we feel privileged to be supporting schools in their mission to continue educating students from home. We are providing schools with digital devices so that students can work remotely and not fall behind in their studies.

It’s not too late to get devices to your pupils at home! Many households don’t have enough devices to go around for everyone to use at once, which will inevitably cause disruption. Edde can now provide your students with digital devices, the insurance on these devices and get them delivered to the students houses.

edde can provide an affordable solution for your school to implement devices without having to invest large sums upfront. We have both fantastic leasing and parental contribution schemes available.

There are a range of different devices to choose from, please see below the most popular choices from the schools we currently work with:

Digital devices Available

The four most popular digital devices used in education


edde finances chromebooks

A Chromebook is a simple to use, fast and low-cost computer solution for schools. They provide a wide range of education resources. These computers come with a Google License (Formally known as Google Apps for Education.) This is a suite of free applications which includes: word processing, spreadsheet work, presentation, calendar and G-Mail. These are all designed with school children and the classroom in mind.


edde finances laptops

MacBook is the ideal notebook computer for education—designed from the ground up with teachers and students in mind. Compatible, durable, lightweight, and rich with built-in features, it provides the ultimate mobile learning environment. MacBook is ready to support any education need with unmatched performance and value.

Apple iPad

edde finances ipads

The iPad, launched in 2010 and students and teachers love them. They have a vast amount of educational Apps and is a great platform for e-textbooks. The iPad is great to view content and user friendly for teachers, students and students with disabilities. Light weight at under 0.5KG, it is easily portable with a longer life battery, but also fast and easy to use.


edde finances tablets

Tablets are popular devices that are used in schools to enhance learning in the classroom. They are user friendly, lightweight and portable. Students can use tablets for e-textbooks, education apps and interacting with other fellow students. Devices such as the tablet are easy to use within the classroom and at home. Majority of tablets are ran on an Android operating system.

If you are a school looking to support your pupils in their home learning and are interested to know how edde can help, please get in touch.

We are working with schools across the UK and would welcome a discussion to see how we can help you. With so many educational online resources available, it is vital that pupils have the devices to gain access.

Enquire online below, send an email to or give us a call on 01494 611 465. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your school.