Tablets for schools

Tablet insurance for schools

Educational tablets for schools in the classroom is in growing demand. Since the launch of the ipad in April 2010, Apple have sold well over 1m mobile learning devices into the education sector. Add into the mix the sales of Windows and Android units from the likes of Samsung, Google and Asus, you have a market growing at a fast pace.

One of the main school insurance companies we have worked with in the past has already signed up over 5,000 UK schools, colleges and academy’s. There are now insurance products for education that understand the specific needs arising from using tablet devices in the classroom.

Tablet devices for school and home

These tablet insurance products will allow students to take the device home and offer worldwide cover, necessary if children wish to take the device on holiday. There are restrictions that have come about from analysing insurance claims. The main one is that the tablet must be kept in a case that has been approved by the insurance company. We are aware of one school that had a significant number of screen breakages. It was later discovered this was a direct result of the tablet coming out of the case. A rigid plastic or zipped case will often be money well spent.

School tablet insurance claims being high after rollout

Accidents do happen, especially with young school children and the excitement of having a brand new tablet in the classroom. Often in the early few weeks of an iPad deployment is when we see the majority of claims. To be fair, for the majority of schools, rolling out mobile one to one devices is a successful and beneficial project.

If you are a Teacher or part of the tablet deployment team, one of the first things to do when the class is set to receive the tablet, is to teach them how to look after it. Obvious, we respect, but please point out the device needs to be kept in its case at all times and the screens are delicate. We have seen claims where children use an iPad as a mat for a hot drink, resulting in a cracked screen!

Keep your tablet in an approved case

When they are not being used, make sure they are in the charging case or tucked away in a desk or in a school bag. Give edde a call for more advice and guidance on tablet insurance and how to look after your digital device. 01494 611 465