School Chromebook

In the last few years, there has been a sea change in the way education is being imparted to students in classrooms. The traditional method of lecturing by a teacher using text books has become obsolete and ineffective. Technology has penetrated in a big way into classrooms. From smartphones to electronic whiteboards, teachers are using smart technology to make learning interactive and easy for the kids. Google, the internet giant, has joined this revolution in a big way by introducing Chromebooks for schools.

Chromebooks are smart computers that are inexpensive, and which run in Chrome web browser. These devices connect to internet in just 8 seconds once their power button is pressed with the help of Wi-Fi. These notebooks have long lasting batteries that last for the entire duration of the school. Thus, there is no distraction and kids can focus upon their lessons.

It is not just the ease of accessing internet but also availability of wide ranging educational apps that make these Chromebooks for school a very attractive prospect for teachers and students. Also, as all information is stored not on the device but the cloud, Chromebooks can be easily shared between students. Any student can pick up any Chromebook and access their information by signing into their Google account.

Benefits of using Chromebooks for school

1. They are inexpensive in comparison to laptops-Chromebooks are available in a wide price range. In addition, all Chromebooks are designed to provide access and support to educational apps.

2. They are highly secure devices– Nothing is installed on Chromebooks and they run directly on Chrome browser with content on the cloud. There is no need for firewalls and antivirus software and thus they are totally safe from any attacks.

3. Very easy to use– Chromebooks get connected with internet in 8 seconds and last for a very long time. They are automatically updated and remain current all the time. They can be designated for use of specific grades or subjects. Teachers can monitor mails or the content any time they so desire.

4. They encourage collaboration between students– Students can communicate and interact with each other using Gmail and video conferencing. Kids can work together in groups on a project through power point or videos. Work can be accessed through Google account not just in school but also at home.

5. They can be used by different students- A student can access their information through the Google account so one Chromebook can be used by many students at different times irrespective of their grades and subjects.

Wide variety of Chromebook options

Apart from Chromebooks made by Google, many other companies are making these Chromebooks. They are available in various price ranges and packed with different features. You can choose from Chromebooks made by companies like Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Google, and Asus depending upon your budget and requirements.

edde is helping in bringing Chromebooks to schools

edde is a company that is committed to helping schools in bringing technology into their classrooms. It is arranging tablets and laptops for local authority, Academies and Independent schools by providing them with a funding platform for parental contributions and lease facilities. Once considered a future of learning, Chromebooks for schools is a reality today. edde is lending a helping hand to schools and colleges around UK to ride on this wave of technology and help schools fund this technology for the use of kids and teachers in the classroom.

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