edde ltd on bank Statement

Do you have a reference for edde ltd on your bank statement and do not know what it is for?

Firstly, if you have any concerns, please call our office on 01494 611 465 or email us at hello@edde.education. Our offices are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm. We will only need to ask your name and the name of the school your child goes to.

edde run parental contribution schemes for schools in the UK. It is likely that you have signed up for an iPad, tablet, Chromebook, laptop or notebook via your child’s school and are paying.

If the amount on the credit card or money taken by debit card is under £100.00

Normally, for amounts between £5.00 and £100.00, it is to cover contribution arrears. We will have contacted you by email or text to confirm this and the amount payable.

Larger amounts over £100.00

If edde has taken a larger amount of money via your debit or credit card, this is normally where you have bought a digital device for your child as part of a scheme set up to implement digital technology in the classroom. You will have entered onto our school portal your personal details, the name of your child and the device you wish to purchase. edde will have then taken the payment via your card for this device.

I have paid but do not have the device has not arrived

This can happen when you have signed up to purchasing a mobile learning device as part of your child’s school but the device has not been sent to the school yet. All parents in your class group or year group have to go on line to our poral and decide on the type of device and how it gets paid for. We call this a “shop” facility. Your school shop will normally be open for a few weeks and then the ultimate supplier of the devices will deliver them to the school.

edde Ltd on credit card statement

The same applies if you see edde Ltd on your credit card statement. Again, if you have any concerns or do not know what the money is for, please call or email us. Calls are at standard rate, we do not charge you any administration fee for this call.

Are my debit / credit card / bank details safe?

Yes. When you pay online via our portal, your credit or debit card payment is taken via the Worldpay debit/credit card processing system. edde do not see your details and do not have access to them.

If we are collecting payment over the telephone, then we will ask for your debit or credit card details. This information is manually taken down and input directly into the Worldpay debit / credit card processing system. Again, edde does not record these details on our internal IT systems and we destroy all manual records of private card numbers.

Still not happy or are concerned?

If after contacting us you have any concerns, please speak to your child’s school directly.

Alternatively, you can speak to your bank. Explain to them that edde has taken money via the Worldpay credit / debit card processing system.

Again, any concerns, please call our office on 01494 611 465 or email us at hello@edde.education.