Digital devices in the classroom

When was the iPad launched?

The Apple iPad was launched on the 3rd April 2010 in America. Since then, we have seen numerous new models launched as the product has become a global success.

iPads in the classroom 

It was a few years later that schools in the UK started to use iPads in the classroom. At this time, 90% of the digital device schemes we ran used iPads. This is definitely not the case now, with iPads only making up 50% of devices sold into schools.

History of digital learning in the classroom

Digital learning has been around for many years prior to the iPad. Our previous company, Wyse Leasing, has undertaken a lot of leasing for schools who bought laptops to aid learning in the classroom.

Prior to the iPad, we have arranged leases for a mobile phone solution and various schemes for the deployment of laptops and notebooks. However, this was never on the scale of what we are seeing now. It is only in the last three years that we have witnessed massive growth in the number of UK schools buying into the concept of digital 1:1 learning.

History of other suppliers and manufacturers jumping on this growth

Back in 2013, there were a small number of companies selling digital 1:1 schemes into schools, most of them being Apple resellers. As awareness grew, so did the number of computer companies setting up education divisions. Some of these divisions are still trading, however, quite a few have shut down as they cannot compete in this competitive marketplace.

Manufactures have also joined in. Hewlett Packard, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung to name a few, have all set up departments to work with schools. We even set up a Samsung Mobile Learning product alongside their Samsung tablets, but even they have seemed to have pulled out of the market.

The big player now, and one which we think will go places is Google. Google are now highly active in the education space in the UK with free applications. Many schools are buying the Google Chromebook, which seems an excellent product with a sensible price tag.

The future of digital learning in the classroom

In 2015, research suggested that within five years, 70% of all children will have access to a digital 1:1 device. We do not believe the market has witnessed this amount of growth so far. Whether it will get to this level is another matter for schools and people to ponder on. What we do know is the product mix has changed a lot from an Apple led market to one where schools are opting for other solutions such as the Google Chrome Book.

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