Welcome to edde Limited, we are a new way of delivering device schemes in to the education sector! edde will be totally transparent in the way that these schemes are run and build a sustainable proposition for your institution.

Education is an ever changing landscape and the technology being used has been very much the same. Over the past few years we have seen wireless become a must in the school, the rise and fall of the netbook and the birth of the tablet. Over this time schools have been looking at how, with this proliferation in mobile devices, they can support these technologies in and outside the building. With the current real term fall in school budgets, which seems to be around 8% over the next 2 years as an average, this is looking to become harder.

Some schools have provided 1:1 device schemes in which they strive to have a device in the hand of each of the children. These can be funded internally, others are looking at BYOD, while more look at parental contribution to try to provide the tech needed. For all of these methods, schools need to have a great technology partner to support them around installation, roll out and training without which a scheme is already looking doomed. This however doesn’t solve the issue of administration or funding of the scheme, how are the devices going to be covered for failure or damage…..this is where edde can help.

edde is an education only company on purpose so we can focus on the specific issues that Schools, FE and HE have around delivering technology. Providing a total scheme management service or a menu of pertinent components for you that edde offer the following:

  • Parental contribution collection and disbursal direct to you.
  • Insurance and warranty services with claim support from the team.
  • Asset management of the scheme
  • Funding of the scheme via a suitable lease

Being totally agnostic, the type of technology is not relevant, we work on the right solution for you and then introduce a partner if required.

More and more technology is being used in the work place and in education we are asked to prepare children for that arena…….we may just be the solution to the problems you have faced.

Give us a call……..even if it is just for a chat.