Solutions Inc liquidation

Solutions Inc, a leading UK Apple reseller has sadly fallen into liquidation this June. Solutions Inc was a well known and highly respected Apple reseller who worked actively in the education space as well as having a number of UK Apple based shops. During 2017, the company had a sales turnover in excess of £12m and employed over 50 people.

Are you a Solutions Inc customer in education, school or college? Edde can help!

A question that a number of education establishments will be asking now is what happens to our digital 1:1 scheme now that Solutions Inc are no longer trading? It may be your school had a mobile learning scheme run through Solutions Inc and just need some general advice as to what to do. Alternatively, you may need to transfer the scheme to another provider like edde who are set up to manage these digital 1:1 learning schemes. If you are an education client of Solutions Inc, please call us directly and we will see how we can help you.

Solutions Inc telephone number 01273 889020 or 01273 200825

It seems that the Solutions Inc main telephone numbers we have as 01273 889020 and 01273 200825 are both not working. If you were / are a school, college or academy that was a customer of Solutions Inc, please give us a call on 01494 611 465. It may be such we can help out with your request.

Solutions Inc Education insurance

Solutions Inc was a provider of digital one to one devices into the education sector. A number of these schools, colleges and academies clients would have had a mobile learning device insurance policy, organised via Solutions Inc. These insurance policies may also be affected and your devices no longer insured. If you are an education establishment and have had an insurance policy arranged via Solutions Inc and would like some independent advice, please call the Edde team.

Likewise, if you need to renew an existing Solutions Inc insurance policy, please call us directly.


Please note, Edde Limited is in not associated with Solutions Inc Limited at all. Edde are not an Apple re-seller. Edde only work in the education sector working to deliver digital mobile learning devices into the classroom. We can insure mobile learning devices and have the technology to assist a school in the management of mobile learning solutions and collection of parental contributions.

Edde Limited did not work with Solutions Inc Limited in delivering any products or services. Whilst our business relationship was non-existent, we are very keen to help any education establishments that may need independent advice or help with running mobile learning schemes. We wish all the previous employees of Solutions Inc (in liquidation) good luck for the future.

Please call the Edde team on 01494 611 465 for more information. Alternatively, enquire online below and a member of the team will be in touch within 48 hours.