Parental Donation for ICT Funding in the Classroom


Financing ICT spend in a school can be very expensive, with funding cuts over the years, the education sector in general does not have the money to implement digital learning into the classroom on a one to one basis where a single classroom will cost between £7,500.00 and £15,000.00.

Your school has a number of options:

Shared Devices

As opposed to having one iPad or Chromebook per pupil, the classroom shares one device between two or four people.

Use your School’s Own Financial Resources

Some schools, colleges or academy’s will use their own cash to buy the mobile learning devices. We see this more in the private sector that state funded schools.

Parental Contribution Scheme

Finally, ask parents to contribute.

Parental Donations

Parental donations – or parental contributions – is a way of supplementing the IT spend at a school to allow children to have their own iPad, Chromebook, laptop, tablet or other mobile learning device. There are many articles written – both positive and negative – on this subject. Click on this link for more information on this.

Some schools simply do not wish to go down this route and other feel that parental involvement will be low. However, so many education establishments in the UK are asking for parental financial help, parental donations are becoming the norm.

A parent donation scheme is easy to set up. edde can provide advice and guidance and then manage the scheme for you, ensuring that you do not have any additional administration burden.

When the idea is correctly explained to parents, we normally see a successful take up rate from parents wishing to get involved. Depending on the device and location of your school, up to 50% of parents will just buy the device outright. The other parents will sign up to a monthly contribution, normally over two or three years.

So what are the Key Benefits to You?

  • All the pupils will have access to a device, even when parents do not sign up for a contribution scheme. This helps overcome what people refer to as the “digital divide”.

  • All the students / pupils will have the same, or similar, device, providing conformity and taking away any issues of one child having a superior device to another

  • Having the same device in the classroom, makes it easier to support, with regards to charging, storage, maintenance and training

  • Your school can implement full mobile learning in the classroom sets even if there is not the capital budget to do so

And What are the Benefits to the Parents, and Most Importantly, the Children?

  • With a parental donation scheme, we refer to these devices as family devices. They are used between the home and school environment

  • After the contribution period has ended, you would typically allow the parents to keep the device for themselves

  • All pupils will be using a similar device

  • Digital devices are proven to improve our knowledge of ICT use and research suggests that digital devices aid education in the classroom

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