Schools Officially closed today- Can edde help?

As the Coronavirus situation unfolds it only seemed a matter of time for the government to announce that schools were closing. The decision was made that as of Monday (23rd March) schools would close their doors leading into the Easter break.

It is clearly a difficult time for us all and especially the educational sector. With children not going into school it means parents must stay at home to care for them. However, if one parent is classed as a key worker then the pupil can attend school to avoid additional cost for care or getting help from the elderly. Most importantly, the edde team would like to say a huge thanks to all the key workers for their hard work and support. Particularly NHS workers who are going above and beyond to deal with the deal extra demand and pressure.

This is a scenario that schools across the UK had anticipated and so many are well planned and prepared. Edde we would like to thank you for your support over the course of your 1-2-1 schemes. We are receiving more enquires from schools looking to insure pupils devices so they can take them home and have peace of mind.

If there is anything edde can do to help your school at this stage, please get in touch and have a chat. Alternatively, if you would like a quotation and some additional information on insuring your schools devices, please see below.

edde education’s insurance calculator

Try out the new insurance calculator below, for a FREE indicative quote based on your device and the quantity.

With an increase in digital devices being taken home due to the closure of schools, more accidents are likely to happen. Insuring the device is very important, as pupils will be spending more time on the device than before.

Taking out a comprehensive insurance policy will give you peace of mind.

So, what are you protected against?

• Accidental Damage
• Malicious Damage
• Theft
• Flood Damage
• Fire Damage
• Worldwide cover up to 90s days

In the eventuality that the pupil’s device does get damaged or stolen the insurance policy will be in place. Ensuring the pupil isn’t without a device for too long. During any form of accidental damage or theft the device will either be in the process of getting repaired or even replaced.

The school device insurance doesn’t protect the item from loss. Also, it is key that the device is kept in a protected case. Tablets always must be kept in a case and laptops/chrome books need to be in a sleeve when not in use. Lastly, any external accessories associated to the device aren’t covered either. Click below to find out more.

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