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Digital device suppliers to the education sector

There are many computer companies in the UK that will tell you they can supply digital devices to the education sector. They may even have the occasional reference site with a friendly local school. However, how many of these companies have the true expertise to help you on your digital journey in the classroom? Let’s take a closer look at suppliers of digital devices into the education sector.

List of suppliers of mobile learning devices to schools in the UK

Is there a definitive list of suppliers of mobile learning devices to schools in the UK? Probably not, but we at edde believe we have one of the most comprehensive lists of suppliers to the education sector.

In July 2017, Apple changed its strategy in the UK with regards to Apple Solution Experts (ASE) in Education. Previously, between 28 and 40 Apple resellers could sell into the education sector as an approved ASE for education. However, they reduced this exclusive list to just 14.

This does not stop the other Apple suppliers from selling into the education sector. We have also seen a number of non-Apple suppliers buy iPads from an approved Apple reseller to then resell them into a school. Nothing illegal here, and in most instances an approved Apple reseller even did the training.

With a buck in trend we are aware of many computer companies are also selling Google Chromebooks, tablets, notebooks and other mobile learning devices into classrooms. Lets not get confused with computer companies that sell computer technology into schools. We are making reference to those IT suppliers who understand and work in the digital 1:1 learning environment.

Choosing the best supplier of digital devices for the classroom

When deciding on your computer equipment partner it is essential to make sure they can technically support you for the life of your scheme, not only with digital devices but training and support. It is key to make sure they understand the education sector.

For more information, download our free guide to help you choose the best supplier of digital devices into schools.

The Schools Guide to Choosing the Best Supplier of Digital Devices for the Classroom

Local supplier of mobile learning devices for schools UK

If you are looking for a local supplier or mobile learning devices for your school, please call us at edde. We are not a supplier ourselves, hence are completely independent. We can help you find a local company that will best serve your needs

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