edde are working alongside Haptic Networks in delivering chromebooks and G Suite to schools across the UK. Haptic Networks are well established in the education sector and are highly knowledgeable. They are excited to see the advance in technology that is being tailored and deployed in the education sector. More specifically, we are excited to see the rise in popularity with Chromebooks and the use of G Suite. G suite provides a range of education resources and free applications which includes: word processing, spreadsheet work, presentation, calendar and G-Mail.

1:1 Contribution schemes for schools

scheme administration

1:1 Contributions Schemes – or parental contributions– is a way of supplementing the IT spend within schools. It is easy to setup and edde can provide advice, guidance and manage the scheme for you. edde takes away any additional administration away and can tailor the scheme for your school.

No large Investment

edde can provide a 1:1 contribution scheme that enables your school or college to provide students with the necessary technology without the need for large upfront costs.

Access to the latest technology

The latest technology at your disposal. Constant free updates provided by Google on their G Suite.

Parent and Student benefits

  • Parent Portal

    Easy to use online portal for parents/guardians to manage payments etc.

  • No financial pressure

    No large payment. Spread the cost of the digital device with small monthly payments.

  • Up to date technology

    Ensures your child has the best and most up to date digital device to support their educational journey.

  • Technological Future

    Prepare your child for the future, by advancing their IT skill set.

Introducing a 1:1 scheme is a great way of getting devices into the hands of your students. Even if they are working from home, we can get devices delivered to your students door so they can continue their education and stop the need for sharing devices between families.

For more information on how edde can help, please get in touch below! Click here to check out Haptic Networks.