digital learning in the classroom

Top 10 Tips For Making Digital Learning in The Classroom a Success

Many schools get it right, some make mistakes. Here are the top ten things you need to think about when looking to implement a digital learning solution in your classroom.

  1. Your reasons for implementing digital devices

There is a direct correlation between the schools that research where, when, how and why they are implementing digital devices and their successful digital journey. What are your reasons?

  1. Importance of engagement from your Head, Governors, leadership team, pupils and parents

Engagement from all stakeholders in the project is paramount to success. Make sure they are all engaged and involved in the project from the research stage.

  1. Having a digital champion and strategy

You have to have a champion, an individual that is passionate about your digital strategy and is committed to making the project a success.

  1. Your digital leadership team

Successful digital leadership teams are made up of the champion, staff, pupils and maybe a parent and Governor.

  1. Choosing the best mobile learning device for your classroom

Make sure you choose the best device for your learning needs. Read more in our blog- Google Chromebook v Apple iPad. 

  1. Choosing the best supplier of e-learning devices

Don’t get caught out by choosing a supplier without the experience, knowledge and passion for education. Our free guide is coming soon on: The schools Guide to Choosing the Best Supplier of Digital Devices for the Classroom, so stayed tuned!

  1. Not installing the correct infrastructure

Do you have the network and wi-fi infrastructure? Do you have charging trolleys, interactive boards and email facilities?

  1. Piloting a classroom set

Think about the roll out, make your mistakes with one classroom set as opposed to a year group or even the whole school.

  1. Roll out and implementation

Most schools we work with will roll out either one year group a term or one year group every calendar year. Make your decision based on internal experience and support services.

  1. Management of the scheme

Who is going to asset track the devices, insure them, collect parental contributions, arrange for a lease facility if appropriate? This is where we, edde, come in.

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