Bring technology into the virtual classroom…

We are here to support digital learning in the UK education sector. With nearly 25,000 schools and the best part of 8.2m children in education at any one time, the market for digital mobile learning devices is big and continuing to grow. The days of having a computer room in a school with one IT lesson per week has long gone. Today, technology, software and the internet runs our lives. Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and other mobile learning devices are the future of learning in the classroom.

what makes us different?

focus – we only work in the education sector supporting digital learning in the classroom

our team – come and meet us, you will see what we mean when we say we have a great team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people

technology – unlike other companies operating in this sector, we have a full time member of staff based in the UK in charge of software development. We do not use third party companies to make enhancements to our CRM system and parent portal offering

independence – edde do not sell digital devices like laptops, Apple iPads or Google Chromebooks. We are totally independent to your supplier and the choice of technology in the classroom you use

knowledge – we have already worked with hundreds of schools in the UK. We have undertaken business with many suppliers of digital devices.

advice – edde can offer advice as to what suppliers to use, and what platforms to work on. We have written white papers and guides on how to successfully implement digital learning devices in the classroom

Contact Us

If you are a school looking to bring technology into the virtual classroom, we are here to help! Please give us a call on 01494 611 465 or send an enquiry through to us using our contact page.